Vivicast Media is a leading global content licensor, licensing content to major cable, satellite and MPVD companies in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and throughout North America.

As one of the very first companies to have offered licensing of live channels and VOD in the OTT market, we started with our first OTT operator in 2006. With the continued explosion in OTT and an emphasis on content that works in a multi-screen environment, our networks and content are now viewed through a large number of operators and on countless devices all over the world. While Vivicast’s roots began with live linear television content for Cable operators, we have continuously expanded our offerings and acquired the best in 24/7 entertainment programming to make available to our MPVD operators globally.

With a mix of mainstream networks, unique and niche content, and highly-desired movies and series in SD/HD and UHD for VOD, Vivicast offers operators the content their subscribers want to see. And with our knowledge and contacts, we continue to keep our hand on the pulse of the exploding and varied world of entertainment.